TNT Sports launched replace the brand Esporte Interativo


Since this Sunday (17), WarnerMedia has extinguished the brand Esporte Interativo and launched TNT Sports as a substitute. It will be an identity present both in Brazil and in other South American countries, such as Argentina and Chile.

With the slogan “Passion without limits”, TNT Sports Brasil will serve as a sports block within the TNT channel, for the transmission of the content that the group is entitled to at a national level – matches in the Brazilian Championship A Series, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Nations League and Italian Championship.

The company also changed the names of its social networks, which are now found through @tntsportsbr. However, WarnerMedia promises to maintain the usual language and interactivity with the fan. The group’s digital platforms have 42 million followers.

Another important point is that there should be more integration among journalists present in the countries where TNT Sports has operations. The visual identity plays with the heartbeat concept of the person in love with sports.

TNT Sports Stadium

Another change was in the streaming platform EI Plus. Now it is renamed TNT Sports Stadium. The big difference in design for the TV brand is in color, with a predominant blue instead of pink.

The stadium subscription goes for R $ 13.90 per month, with partnerships with broadband operators and companies present on the internet. In addition, the broadcasting rights also follow, with emphasis on all UEFA Champions League matches, 9 games per round of the Italian Championship and some matches of the Chilean Championship.

Goodbye, Interactive Sport

Esporte Interativo debuted in Brazil in 2004, as a project on open TVs. Belonging to TopSport at the time, the brand allocated spaces on broadcasters – such as TV Cultura, NGT, Rede Brasil, RedeTV !, Band and Gazeta -, where it broadcast a series of European football tournaments, NBA, among others.

It was only in 2007 that it became an open channel. At the time, TV Esporte Interativo was available on satellite dishes and some small closed TV operators.


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