Titans: Superboy Actor Shares Training for Season 3


Titans: Joshua Orpin, interpreter of Conner Kent/Superboy on HBO Max’s Titans series, released his training routine for Season 3. In an Instagram post, the actor revealed the fitness goals for living his character: “New year, new goals. Season 2 was about increasing muscle mass, but this time I’ll try to look more defined,” he wrote.

Jokingly, the actor began the post by describing some steps to following a proper diet and other necessary efforts — including with reference to the physical form of his screenmate Alan Ritchson (who plays the Rapina/Hank). However, he stressed that the work is serious and requires a lot of dedication.

“In all seriousness, these are the results of the work ethic, discipline and consistency, going through 2 lockdowns [due to the pandemic] (in 2 countries) and 9 months of filming. Was hard. As long as I have the privilege of being in this role, I will continue to pursue the 100% unrealistic standard set by my comic book counterpart,” he added.

The debut of the clone character from Superman and Lex Luthor on the DC adapted series took place in a final scene of Season 1. Over the next year, the role of Joshua Orpin gained more prominence in the plot, seeking to evade Cadmus lab’s intentions to control him and use him as a weapon.

In this scenario, he fled the place of his creation alongside Superdog Krypto — a pet that will win an animated film by Warner. Soon, he found in the team of young superheroes the chance to have a new life and purpose in the world. Season 3 of Titãs will hit the streaming service in August. In Brazil, the first arcs of the attraction are available on Netflix.


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