Titans Season 4 New Villain Leaves Trigon’s Return Open


Titans: Season 4 of Titans is getting closer and closer to premiere and fans are already creating theories about some of the new characters in the series. One of the main expectations of the fans is that the presence of Brother Blood could mean the return of one of the biggest villains of the show.

On Tuesday (01), DC Universe confirmed actor Joseph Morgan (The Vampire Diaries) in the role of Sebastian Blood, better known as Brother Blood.

The character is expected to be the main antagonist of the new season, along with Jinx and Mother Mayhem, played by Lisa Ambalavanar (The A List) and Franka Potente (Taboo), respectively.

The presence of Sebastian Blood, Jinx and Mother Mayhem mark the arrival of the Church of Blood, one of the main evil entities in the DC Universe. Within this group, Brother Blood is a being with vampire-like powers and is also the leader of the fanatical cult.

These fanatics, who are expected to be led by the trio in the series, may be responsible for bringing about the return of Trigon, the first arch-villain of the Titans series.

Possible return of Trigon

From the description of the characters and the whole idea of ​​a bloodthirsty cult, it was already to be expected that the villains could have something to do with Trigon. If we explore the DC comics, it is possible to see that Brother Blood serves as an emissary and servant of Trigon.

Another point of connection between the two is Raven. In the comics, Sebastian has a special interest in the character, sees her as his Blood Bride and, on top of that, is immune to the young woman’s powers. Therefore, Brother Blood is an extremely obsessed being with Trigon and Raven.

It is estimated that, leaving Trigon’s idea, the villain just wants to marry Raven and become more powerful. However, it is quite possible that, during the series, he intends to use the teen titan to bring the arch-villain back.