Titans season 3: adds Savannah Welch to the cast


Titans’ third season will have something new: actress Savannah Welch, known for being a Batgirl, was hired to play Barbara Gordon. The character is a police officer from Gotham City, ceasing to be the Bat Girl when she was paralyzed by the Joker. In fact, this is not the only novelty of the season. The DC series will now be made available via the HBO Max streaming platform.

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Barbara Gordon has fought several times with Bruce Wayne. However, her life got more complicated when Dick Grayson returned to Gotham. After all, the two had a romantic past and now they will have to fight side by side to save the city.

Savannah Welch is also known for films like Boyhood and The Tree of Life. However, there is no doubt that Barbara will be one of her biggest roles, as Titãs is considered one of the best series in DC.

After being defeated by the Joker, the character needs to find her strength. With that, one of the paths that can be followed by the series is the consultation with the Oracle. In addition, her connection to Dick also makes the newcomer very interesting.

So far, DC and HBO Max have yet to reveal more information about cast additions, recordings and an eventual release date for Titans’ third season. Therefore, we can only wait to know more details of the plot!

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