Titans: Reveals Black Star’s appearance in season 3


Currently in its second season, the series Titãs has had its third year confirmed and received this Wednesday (24) a teaser for the revelation of a character that will stand out in the next period of production: Estrela Negra. The short video, of only a few seconds, had references to the villain, with the description pointing to the dissemination of news this Thursday (25).

As the day came and, in the official account of Titans, HBO Max released the complete look of Estrela Negra for the season. Like Estelar, the renegade princess of Tamaran in the series is very reminiscent of the older comic book style, with dark purple and blue tones and silver armor.

Black Star, also known as Komand’r, is the sister of Estelar and the eldest daughter of the Queen of Tamaran. Heir to the throne, the princess ended up being associated with the destruction and suffering of the Tamaranians who were born on the same day that the planet was attacked by the Citadel Empire.

Hated by her people, Black Star was disowned and had the right to reign past to Estelar, which made her become her sister’s archenemy for the anger she developed at the situation. The character will be played by actress Damaris Lewis, being the villain’s first appearance in a live action production, and will become part of the fixed cast.

Titãs is broadcast by HBO Max, which already has a debut date in the Brazilian market, abroad and by Netflix in Brazil. Before scheduled to be released in late 2020, the third season ended up being postponed due to the pandemic of COVID-19 and so far has no new debut date.


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