Titans: HBO Max Reveals Season 3 Premiere Month


Titans: HBO Max revealed the month of the Titans season 3 premiere on the streaming service. The announcement was made by the cast through a video, in which it shows the return of known characters and prepares the audience for news regarding the plot, with the introduction of new figures and a change of tone.

Due to restructuring at Warner, the attraction will now be part of the giant catalog of the platform, with the new arc available from August of this year.

“We are recording the 3rd season, at the moment we are here on the set making the magic happen. Get ready for some big surprises, as it will be dark, mysterious, exciting, heartbreaking, fun and full of action ”, said the cast.

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The end of season 2 showed Dick Grayson creating his own identity, taking on the mantle of Nightwing. In the new year, it is expected that the plot will also address the transformation of other characters, example of Jason Todd as Red Hood and the emergence of a new Robin, Tim Drake, originally from the comics. In addition to this appearance, the participation of Barbara Gordon / Oracle and Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow has already been confirmed.

With the arrival of these figures known to fans of the original work, the story promises to be set in Gotham. In the city, they must meet to fight new threats, including in famous locations in the franchise.

“This season will be different, in many ways. It will culminate with the characters discovering how to work as a team. Columba [played by Minka Kelly] will guide you in what direction to go, but it will take a while for everyone to obey your advice, ”commented showrunner Greg Walker in past interviews.


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