Titans: Actor Comments on The Evolution of Nightwing in Season 3


Titans: One of the most anticipated characters by fans finally appeared in the final episode of the second season of the Titans series. The first live action version of Nightwing was presented and some viewers didn’t really like the result.

Actor Brenton Thwaites, who plays Nightwing, said there will still be changes to the character’s costume in season three. “We thought of some ideas to change the costume in a way that we can still use the outline of the original, because they are very time-consuming and expensive to make. It won’t be a new costume, it’s more of an update than what we’ve already seen. Night Wing will have new tools,” he explains to the Collider portal.

Furthermore, he says that the series was always intended to show Robin’s transition into Nightwing. “We needed to introduce him as Robin so that fans would realize the impact of his actions as he moves away from the boy wonder legacy. I was very anxious to wear the Nightwing uniform, and it took two seasons for that to happen, now I I understand how essential this was to Dick’s journey,” he says.

Third season

In recent weeks, the series’ official website has posted a video of the cast reminding them that the season three’s premiere date is approaching, in August.


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