Titanic: Theme Park In China Will Have Faithful Replica Of The Ship


Titanic: More than a century after the tragic maiden voyage, the Titanic will be the attraction of a theme park in China. A full-scale replica of the ship is being built in Suining, more than 1,000 km away from the Chinese coast.

The surprising project is estimated at 10 billion yuan – R $ 7.6 billion in the current conversion. The expectation is that the “Titanicland” will be inaugurated by the end of this year.

Six years under construction, the 260 meter long model will faithfully reproduce the details of the original ship. This includes several areas, such as the dining room and luxurious first-class cabins.

“We are building a museum for the Titanic,” said Chinese investor Su Shaojun. In an interview with AFP, he says that more than 23,000 tons of steel were used and more than 100 workers are working on the project.

In addition to the full-size ocean liner, the theme park will have a replica of the port in the English city of Southampton. The setting will be inspired by the scenes seen in the film Titanic (1997), directed by James Cameron.

For 2,000 yuan (R $ 1,600), visitors will be able to spend a night in the replica of the Titanic. The accommodation includes “five-star cruise service” and a bustor to the song “My Heart Will Go On” by Céline Dion.

Success in China

As in the rest of the world, Titanic was a box office success in China. Recently, the documentary The Six brought the subject back to the local media by telling the story of six Chinese who survived the shipwreck that killed 1,500 people in 1912.

The investor expects the theme park to receive between two and five million tourists annually. In addition, he intends to invite the actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, stars of the famous feature film, to the opening of the attraction.


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