Titan Quest Mobile brings classic PC to mobile


Titan Quest is one of many Diablo ‘clones’ that emerged around 2005. The game was one of the most successful because of its graphic quality and a plot that addresses Greek mythology and its creatures. Now, in 2021, the game has gained a mobile version for iOS and Android.

Voxel played this version and brings a brief analysis of this port. Check out:

The Diablo Junction and Greek Mythology

There is no better way to describe Titan Quest than to say that the game is a kind of Diablo in Greek mythology. In the game, you control a character who must go after answers after the gods started to ignore humans, leaving them at the mercy of mythological creatures.

With this, you face a long journey, of many hours, in search of the restoration of peace in the region, preventing the feared titans from being summoned to Earth by evil forces. A cliché plot, but a beautiful excuse to introduce popularly famous creatures, such as centaurs, hydras, cyclops, among other monsters common in games with this theme.

And when I say long, it’s not an exaggeration, since the game needs at least about 40 hours to complete – not to mention the three DLCs that can be purchased separately.

Creatures from Greek mythology are present in Titan Quest Mobile
Creatures from Greek mythology are present in Titan Quest Mobile.
Source: Disclosure

However, the whole plot is very superficial and not tied. To get an idea, although the game has a whole Greek theme, it is necessary to go through regions like Egypt and China, with battles in the Great Wall. And as interesting as it is to go through these scenarios, at the same time it is not at all satisfactory to see the whole plot shuffling and, often, losing its meaning.


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