Tisha Campbell: Where’s Jay de Eu, Mistress and Children?


Tisha Campbell: The series Eu, Patroa e Crianças was a great phenomenon in Brazil and rocked the afternoons of many Brazilian families for presenting a light atmosphere of family comedy with situations that many people have already experienced. In addition, of course, to present a strong cast.

Among the big names in the cast, it is impossible not to highlight Tisha Campbell, Jay Kyle of Eu, Mistress and Children, who attracted the focus of the series whenever it entered the scene. The scenes of Jay alternating between being loving to his children and soon after fighting with them represented the family nucleus of quite a few people.

But after the end of the series, her name lost its prominence. #PorOndeAnda Tisha Campbell, the famous Jay Kyle? We explain!

Tisha Campbell: past and future of the actress

Tisha collects a vast history of appearances in comedy series casts. In addition to Me, the Mistress and the Children, she also appeared as the main character in Martin and made minor appearances in A Madman in the Piece and Everybody Hates Chris, in the latter she opposite Tichina Arnold, Rochelle, her great friend in real life.

In 1996, Tisha took it a step further by marrying also actor Duane Martin. The couple had two children. However, the love story officially ended in 2018 after more than 20 years.

Although it was calm in the beginning, things soon got worse between the two due to accusations made by both parties. It took Tisha a while to go public to talk about the separation process with Martin, but she ended up revealing that the divorce left her without money and the situation was desperate, forcing her to start over without any preparation.

However, because her name was already established in the artistic world, she managed to get up again by participating in series, such as Dr. Ken, as well as acting as a presenter of concerts and awards due to her extroverted personality.

But, after all, where is Tisha Campbell today?

It is impossible to say that the actress managed to recover the prominence she had when she was in the cast of Me, the Mistress and the Children as Jay Kyle. She continues to act, as we mentioned in the case of ABC’s Dr. Ken series. Its most recent history also includes a participation in the 4th season of Empire and in the movie Ponto Cego (2018).

However, the future holds many good things for Tisha Campbell! The actress was announced as part of the cast of Black Don’t Crack, ABC’s new comedy, alongside names like Essence Atkins (House) and Beth Grant (Donnie Darko). The series will be produced by Viola Davis, an actress nominated multiple times for the Oscar and winner in 2017. The series started recording in April 2021.

In addition, Tisha Campbell will also showcase her talents as a producer. She will be responsible for telling the life of activist Toni Rivera in a drama series about human trafficking. To date, more information has yet to be revealed.

Tisha’s role in the cast of Me, the Mistress and the Children was incredible, but it is more interesting to look to the future and her new projects. We are rooting for the success of our eternal Jay Kyle!


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