Tips videos to make things easier for Sony PS5 users


Sony has released three yen videos, helping users to set up their new console when they buy it. The videos provide a glimpse of the console’s new user interface, as well as some useful features in the PS5’s settings.

A video shows how the PlayStation account is set up on the new console. After connecting the PS5 to the internet, there are two ways to login. One option is to fill in the user ID and password boxes in the standard way. It can be very troublesome to enter letters, numbers and characters with the remote. However, Sony also offers the opportunity to login by scanning the QR code with the PlayStation application. This will be much more useful than the first method.

Another video shows how users can change various system settings. This includes adjusting the vibration feedback or adaptive trigger sensitivity on the DualSense controller. You can choose one of five different 3D audio profiles in the PS5’s sound settings to determine which sound is best for you when wearing 3D audio compatible headphones. Additionally, the PS5 allows you to set various settings such as game difficulty, or choose between performance or resolution, within the Preset Game Settings menu.

The third video shows how to transfer data from PS4 to PS5. In the video, it is said that you can play games on PS5 while transferring data between consoles. This means you won’t be looking at a fixed screen while waiting for your data to move between the two consoles.

In this video, Sony recommends that you can save space on the PS5’s ultra-fast SSD by storing PS4 games on an external disk drive. Sony will not initially support SSD storage expansion. And you won’t be able to play PS5 games on external drive. Transferring older PS4 games to a USB drive may be the best method to free up more space on the PS5 without deleting the games. Of course, you can also store PS5 games on an external drive, but you have to move it to the console’s internal SSD every time you want to play.

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In October, Sony introduced the first look at the PS5 user interface. In this way, we have seen cards such as “Activities” that provide links to certain modes and levels, or the “Control Center” menu that provides quick access to system tools. The “Game help” section offers videos and tips for PlayStation Plus subscribers.


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