Tips to Start Playing Naruto X Naruto Ninja Tension


Fans of the Naruto franchise can finally make their dream teams of ninja in Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage. After all, this mobile tactical RPG allows players to control squads of three handpicked ninja among a majority of the Naruto cast. This means players could have the likes of Naruto team up with series baddies like Madara and an unlikely ally such as Gaara. Not only that but characters could be equipped with unique cards that represent signature moves, allowing players to customize not just their teams but the way their respective ninjas work.

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With more than a hundred shinobi at the player’s arsenal and a multitude of ways to customize them, Ninja Voltage could get pretty overwhelming real quick. However, players who are just starting out may need to follow a few simple steps to get the hang of the game.

7 Use The Beginner Summon

When players start the Naruto game, they have the opportunity to receive 645 Shinobite from the pre-register event, as well as other bonuses that may help jumpstart their journey. Before players head straight to Missiosn, they may want to spend their first hours or so spending the free Shinobite for their rolls.

This is important as the game tends to be very generous to new players, similar with other gacha titles. More importantly, the beginner summons have the opportunity to give players a 5-Star or Extremely Rare Ninja Card, which is almost always an efficient ability to have to jumpstart the performance of newly-acquired characters.

6 Take Effort To Collect Characters

As with other anime gacha games, the point of Ninja Voltage is to acquire various Naruto characters to create their dream team. However, this isn’t a process that should be done willy-nilly. Characters can be acquired in various Missions, and it’s recommend for players to complete Missions with three stars and even repeat them to acquire character shards and unlock various characters.

This process is helpful because certain characters are compatible with certain Ninja Cards, limiting the process of what characters may have a full slate of abilities. Not only that, players should take time upgrading these characters to boost their base stats, which could be very helpful in latter parts of the game.

5 Mind The Ninja Cards

Aside from the character gacha mechanic in this Naruto game, it helps to remember that Ninja Voltage has a secondary gacha component: Ninja Cards. While players can collect characters in missions, they need to acquire Ninja Cards to access their skills and Ninja Tools. This is where a lot of customization in the game comes in, as certain characters can only equip extremely specific sets of Ninja Cards.

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And with characters only having room for limited attacks, the right Ninja Cards can transform a character from one role to another – be it a tank, a DPS, or even a support. Players need to find their groove and mix and match the Ninja Cards to a specific character according to the needs of the team.

4 Be Careful When Selling

Given the rather strict compatibility rules of characters and Ninja Cards in this Naruto game, it makes sense for players to have a stockpile of Ninja Cards they may not immediately use due to their compatibility with an unacquired character, such as a specific version of Naruto’s Kakashi. Likewise, players might find Cards for shinobi they don’t necessarily like. However, before players sell these Ninja Cards for parts, they may want to consider that higher-level Ninja Cards sell for better resources.

In that regard, players may want to invest first in upgrading Ninja Cards they don’t like before selling them. That way, they can maximize the resources they can gather when selling these Cards so they can use them in upgrading their more relevant equipment.

3 Conserve Shinobite

When players complete Missions and other quests, they may be able to receive Shinobite, which is the premium currency of the Naruto game. Since Ninja Voltage is rather generous with Shinobite at the beginning of a player’s stay in the title, players might feel as though they should just spend Shinobite for rolls whenever they could, especially if they want to complete builds of specific characters such as Sakura of Naruto’s Team Seven.

However, this shouldn’t always be the case. Rather, players should take note of which gacha banners are currently available before using their Shinobite. That way, they can aim to collect Ninja Cards and other equipment specifically fit for characters they may already possess or plan on collecting.

2 Upgrade The Village

The Village is one of the most entertaining aspects of the game, as players can just lounge around and check out their Village as various characters roam around its various areas. More importantly, the characters they own are the same ones roaming the Village as its residents, making it hilarious seeing the likes of Akatsuki mingling with Naruto and the gang.

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However, another important consideration here are upgrades to the Village’s various structures. Two pivotal structures in particular are the Monument, which generates Chakra, and the Restaurant which gives Ryo. These are important as the aforementioned products are in-game resources players could use to upgrade various objects and even buildings, which can then give players access to more unique jutsus such as defensive Naruto techniques.

1 Be Wary Of Knockdowns

One of the most noticeable aspects of Ninja Voltage on the get-go is its rather simplistic combat. Why, it’s quite easy to defeat Naruto enemies with speedy techniques on the get-go and quickly, right? However, combat becomes generally much harder in the latter stages of the game, especially since bosses become much tougher and more strategic. One particular thing players need to take note in this regard is being knocked down by opponents, especially since there aren’t invincibility frames here unlike in other Naruto games.

That means characters become prone to attacks even when they’re knocked down, leaving them quite open for fast kills if they’re careless about elites and bosses. Players can exploit this, however, as they can try securing knockdowns on opponents and then hitting them while they’re on the ground.

Naruto X Boruto: Ninja Voltage was released in 2017 for the iOS and Android.


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