Tips To Save Electricity For World Energy Efficiency Day


World Energy: On the occasion of the World Energy Efficiency Day that takes place every year on March 5, we propose a list of recommendations to reduce spending at home to protect the environment and also to lower the monthly amount of the electricity bill .

Appliances with energy label A

The level of efficiency of each of the appliances we use in the home is determined by the letter on its label. The first letter of our alphabet determines the best and highest rating (A) and as we move towards the following letters, the consumption of these devices also increases, until reaching what is currently considered the worst energy rating (G ). Previously, there was another classification method for energy labels and if you have any doubts, the OCU explains how to interpret both models.

Perhaps the time has come to renew the appliances in your home. The old models are not efficient and unfortunately for you, they can considerably increase the amount of the electricity bill. Also, remember to clean the filters periodically and carry out proper maintenance to ensure that the devices do not consume more than the energy they need to perform their function.

Home automation systems to control consumption

There are more and more options to automate processes at home with the use of some type of device considered as “home automation”. The term is no longer as strange as it was a few years ago and makes our lives easier while helping us to be more respectful of the environment. Any type of device that helps to control the switching on and off of our electronic devices is one more bet to improve the level of energy efficiency.

Home voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are compatible with many brands of programmable devices such as smart plugs, programmable LED lights and Smart-enabled appliances. To be more efficient, you can decide on any of them and create your own efficient consumption routines at home:

Automatically turn off all devices that consume on standby connected to smart plugs or power strips.
Program the hours of the day or night where you need to charge your electronic devices in complete safety.
Turn on the light, heating or air conditioning automatically when you really need it.