Tips to have thick lips like Kylie Jenner without operation


We know that sometimes it is difficult to get the look of the celebs, because generally some of their features are thanks to aesthetic operations, but if you want to get lips like Kylie Jenner’s, you only need some objects at home and makeup.

To have a new look you do not need surgeries or much money, just put yourself in the mirror and follow this series of tips that we prepare for you. It is too simple, in your photos you can wear a new look without having to make the duck face call.


When you do your morning routine, you can massage your lips using your brush, you can put a little paste to avoid damaging them as much. In the end, you will have voluminous lips.

Sugar and honey

It is one of the most famous masks to moisturize your lips, you should give light circular massages, this will give you a smooth texture and they will look more plump.

You only have to mix 2 teaspoons of sugar and one of honey to form a rough paste, it will help you exfoliate them.


Just take an ice from the freezer and massage your lips for a maximum minute, the color of your lips will increase and make them look bigger. Don’t expose them that long to the cold or you could burn the skin of your mouth.


Makeup is one of the favorite allies to do tricks. If you want to have fuller lips, just highlight the contour of your mouth slightly above your lip, also apply a little foundation in the middle, your lips will magically have more volume.


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