Tips for you to shop online market


Supermarket delivery is a modernity of the moment. A useful service for you to make your purchases on the market website and receive everything in the comfort of your home. As some people are not yet used to this type of service, we decided to gather some tips that can help a lot.

Make a list of what you really need

This is a hint even for those who are already used to shopping in physical markets. The reasoning is simple: when you have already written down everything you need to buy, the chance of ending up taking items you don’t need is reduced.

In addition to avoiding buying unnecessary items, the list helps you to remember to buy products that you really need.

Separate your purchases by category

In addition to making a list of what you need, another good tip is to separate your purchases by categories. A suggestion is to separate as follows:

Hygiene products
Cleaning products
Fair (fruits and vegetables)
Grocery store and pantry
It is logical that you can separate the items in the way that is best for you, but this will certainly help when making your purchases.

Pay attention to the delivery time of your products

If you are making urgent purchases for your home, be aware of the delivery time for your products. Depending on the market, the estimate may be a few days.

Also check, before you start shopping, that the market in which you are selecting your products actually delivers to your address. It would be very frustrating to choose all the items in your cart and discover, at the end of the purchase, that the store does not deliver in the region where you live.

Leave the superfluous to the end

In a time of crisis like the one we are experiencing, it is very important to follow another old tip: leave what is not essential for your purchase for the end and only if you have money left. Sweets, snacks and low-nutritious foods, as well as some leisure products, are expendable and can wait for when the situation normalizes.

Search and Compare Prices

Anyone who is used to shopping on the internet knows very well what it means to compare prices. On the web, there is a huge advantage in doing this, as we can simply open a new browser tab and see how much the same product is costing in another store. Thus, it is always good to do a search to see which market your purchase will come out cheaper.

However, pay attention to the delivery fee. Some markets may have their items costing a little more, but the value may end up paying off if the delivery is free (and faster). At the end of the day, research and comparison should become a habit when it comes to making the market over the internet.

Do not stock products

Another important tip is: do not stock products at home. Brazil is not going through a supply crisis, which means that there will be no shortage of products on the market. Disregarding this recommendation, some people are taking home more items than they really need and causing these products to be in short supply in some markets.

Take advantage of promotions and discounts

Finally, our last tip is to recommend you to keep an eye on promotions and discounts. In this quarantine period, many essential items are being sold at attractive prices, precisely because the markets know that consumers are in need of them. Cleaning products in general and non-perishable foods are good examples.


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