Tips for Professional Shooting with iPhone 11


Tips for Professional Shooting with iPhone 11

Whether or not he is interested in photography, most people like to get beautiful images and accumulate memories with smartphone cameras. Although the iPhone 11 will provide convenience in this area with new camera enhancements, there are some tips to help you get better quality pictures.

After years of stagnant developments, Apple made an effective comeback with the iPhone 11. In addition to increasing battery life, the company has made significant improvements in camera quality. Apple has achieved great success especially with its night vision mode, and has surpassed other competitors in the field of low light photography.

If you are keen on smartphone photography, the best phone Apple can offer you is the iPhone 11 Pro with triple rear camera installation. Taking good-looking, high-quality photos with these phones isn’t hard. However, it is possible to take your photography to the next level with some small tips and details.

In his article for USA Today, Jefferson Graham asked a group of professional photographers for simple and effective tips on how to improve photos from using an iPhone camera. Whether you are a photographer or a beginner with a new interest in photography, you can use these important tips in your daily life.

Closeup shot:

Matt Van Swol offered some distance to readers in taking portrait photographs and continued his clues as follows:

“Create distance. The more physical distance between the subject and the background, the more separation your iPhone camera gets for portrait photography. Portrait mode simulates the depth of field you would get in a professional camera, giving you a sense of depth in your photos.”

High quality selfie:

A tip not worth mentioning but worth mentioning is about selfie shooting. When taking portrait pictures at the default settings, iPhone provides a 7 MP photo only when you press the shutter button. To take full advantage of the iPhone’s 12 MP front camera, all you have to do is press the expansion key indicated by the two arrow symbols. In addition, taking selfie in landscape mode will also benefit from 12 MP resolution.

Capture high quality photos during video shooting
Another clue, which is actually very simple but that many people are still not aware of, is about taking pictures during video recording. It’s also possible to capture high-quality pictures while shooting videos with your iPhone. You can take advantage of this feature by pressing the white button on the right side of the screen during video.

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