Tips on the origins of these controversial characters


Then, in the second season of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy series, the official word was that they named each other Sparrow when the family returned from the timeline.

The Commission could have been helping to train other children. That means the Company could have had access to scientific research and perhaps even helped you scour the world for these children at The Umbrella Academy.

So if the Commission recruited kids for themselves or used genetic experiments, splicing and cloning them to make them perfect weapons, that would explain the Sparrow Academy of The Umbrella Academy a bit.

Mother (Grace) knows them, so she may have been aware of the dealings of The Commission and this back-up team, which would explain why she is ready to trust them to work with Luther’s group on The Umbrella Academy.

Hopefully The Umbrella Academy miniseries will explore this further because once again the idea was that Reginald has a lot of secrets. The Commission is likely to be another of them.

The Commission might even have a different vision and intention than upholding Reginald’s legacy, but more will be revealed once more information is provided on all of these operatives at The Umbrella Academy.

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