Tips on how to make a good resume


In the resume, it is extremely important to make a good impression and to arouse the company’s interest in the candidate. Having an organized resume with good information will make you stand out and have more chances of getting a good job.

For those who still have difficulty or do not know how to create a good resume, we have separated some important tips for you.

Curriculum structure

The first step is to understand what a curriculum cannot miss. This is what we call the structure, that is, the topics that will be covered in this document and that need to be included so that the employer knows the profile of who is applying.

Personal data

Personal data is essential for the company to be able to contact you and know your basic information. Despite being the most basic part of the curriculum, not everyone is sure what to put. Basically, it is indicated to insert:

full name;
Contact phone;
date of birth;
address (does not have to be complete).
Many people’s mistake is to omit or exceed some data, making the curriculum an incomplete or informal document. An example is the address, where it is not necessary to put the house number, block or type of property, as the company will be able to know if the distance is acceptable for the neighborhood or street.

In relation to social networks, the ideal is to remain limited to LinkedIn, a specific platform for professionals who want to be placed in the job market. In specific situations, it may be necessary to share the profile on other networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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