Tips to Make Google Earth Available to Distance Education Applications


Google shared tips on how to use Google Earth in home learning these days with distance education applications in a blog post.

As in the four corners of the world because of the outbreak of coronavirus were on holiday in Turkey before and after school began to distance education. During distance education, teachers try different methods to teach their students something new.

Google shared some tips for using Google Earth for education with a blog post published today. Emily Henderson, the manager of Google Earth’s Education Program, wrote a blog post about Google Earth features that can be used in distance education.

“I’m Feeling Lucky” Button will take you to the places you hear for the first time
Many of us have tried to mark a random place with our finger by rotating the model Earth globes. Google Earth’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature makes this game more realistic.

The “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature, which is located with a dice-shaped button between the buttons on the left side of Google Earth’s homepage, takes users to different parts of the world. The randomly selected locations enable students to recognize new locations.

You can measure distances between two locations
Google Earth’s measurement tool brings distances between two points on Earth in front of users with different measurement units. With the measurement tool, you can easily determine the distance of your home from different points of the world.

Google Earth Voyager game introduces new locations and animals
Thanks to the Voyager game of Google Earth, students can recognize national parks and animals from all over the world. Carmen Sandiego, a cartoon character, also accompanies students on this learning adventure.

Sites that are partners of Google’s education program will be helpful resources
Google is developing its education program with many partners such as National Geographic. Google’s educational partners’ educational pages also help students learn new things on many topics.

PBS Learning Media, a training partner of Google, has an interesting video collection and curriculum. At the same time, Media4Math has a collection of resources that explains the geometry of castles and circular structures through Google Earth with mathematical principles. With the Global Unity Project, where Google is a partner, students will be able to recognize the local languages ​​that exist in the world.


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