Tips for collaborating with Xbox Game Pass, Mandalorian


An Xbox Game Pass tweet featuring The Mandalorian and The Child seems to shed light on a collaboration between Disney Plus and Microsoft.

Xbox caught the attention of Game Pass users by hinting at some kind of collaboration with Disney +, after launching a mysterious ad that included the hit series The Mandalorian.

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s monthly subscription service that gives its fifteen million customers access to a list of games selected by Xbox.

As Comicbook first reported, the official Game Pass Twitter account presented the following illustration this Sunday, in which we can see the main characters of the story located in the Star Wars universe.

The publication caused a sensation among fans of Xbox and the Disney streaming platform, and rumors of a possible collaboration did not wait.

Will there be collaboration between Disney and Game Pass?

One of the most compelling conclusions is that Game Pass subscribers could get one-time benefits that coincide with the launch of Xbox Series X on November 10, or some promotion that includes a trial month of Disney Plus.

At Somagnews we believe that another possibility is that the collaboration is related only to The Mandalorian and not to Disney Plus in its entirety, as some way of obtaining the episodes of the new season of the series.

Some gamers believe that the mysterious post could be the first announcement of a video game based on the Mandalorian universe, joining Star Wars Bounty Hunter, released in 2002 for the PS2 and Gamecube.

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Increase in Xbox Game Pass and Live Gold subscriptions!

What we know so far is that Microsoft will significantly improve its cloud gaming platform to harmonize with the technological advancements of its next-generation console.

The subscription service already offers users more than 100 full games per month, including releases from Xbox Game Studios.

A few days before the launch of the Xbox Series X and S, the surprises do not stop arriving for the players of the next generation, who could get as many surprises as possibilities offers Game Pass and (why not) something with Disney Plus.


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