Tips And Application To Increase The Security Of Your Mobile


Security: With mobiles that are more powerful than some laptops, we are very exposed to all kinds of viruses entering our mobile, being hacked, installing malware and spoiling our day, from apps loaded with ransomware viruses to others with Trojans , adware and other more dangerous ones like banking Trojans or APT.

To be a little more secure in this crazy world of Phishings and malware, we are going to see an application for android called Conan that will help you by showing you the possible risks to which your mobile is exposed and will provide you with some tips to improve its security.

Conan Mobile App

Conan mobile (which is currently in beta status) helps you to know the security status of the configuration of your Android device and the applications installed on it. The app makes a study and evaluation of the device’s configuration parameters, categorized according to their level of risk. And it makes recommendations in order to improve the security level of the device, as well as follow these events in real time:

Connections to insecure WI-Fi networks.
Detection of sending SMS and calls to special rate numbers.
Modifications to the hosts.
Installation of malicious or suspicious packages.
Identification of potentially dangerous connections due to connecting to insecure sites.
Network connections made by the applications (destination IP, associated service, geolocation, extended information about the destination IP)
Identify if any security incident related to Botnets (AntiBotnet Service) has been detected from our internet connection

Tips to increase security

To complement the Conan Movile app, we are going to see a series of tips recommended by the OSI (Internet Security Office) of the INCIBE (Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute) to avoid having a security upset with / on the mobile:

Keep your mobile devices updated: The mobile, the tablet, etc., whether Android or IOS, must always be updated to the latest versions of the operating system they use. And not only the terminals, but also all the applications that you have installed in them.
Check the rating of an app: Before installing an app, check that its rating and comments are positive, and check that the permissions it requests are not excessive. Always install applications only from official stores (Google Play or App Store), since others involve excessive risk.
Check permissions: Check the permissions of the apps (hello LaLiga app) that you have installed on your mobile and uninstall those that you don’t use, both for security and to save space as well.
Be careful with links: Be careful when following links in SMS messages, instant messages or emails, which can lead to fake download sites for malicious apps.
Analyze before opening: Be careful with the files you download from the Internet, analyze them before to avoid surprises.
Privacy over WiFi: Do not connect to public networks if you are going to transmit confidential and personal information, use your data plan.
Terminal visibility: Activate the wireless connections “Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC” only when you need them.
SD encryption: If you store sensitive or personal information on the SD card, encrypt it.
Always backup: Activate backup copies and synchronize data so as not to lose your information