#TipDasMulheres: gadgets that can not miss in your routine


On International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, we chatted with some collaborators from NZN, the parent company of TecMundo, to ask which gadgets are essential in their routine. Check out what they said and take the time to get the tips!

Habitica (online task management app)

“I have been using Habitica a lot, especially in the home office. It is great for monitoring your daily tasks and habits in a very fun way.”

– Ana is a development intern at NZN and solves bugs, creates solutions and that kind of thing 🙂


“My Kindle! It is part of my mental well-being routine to read a really bad cretin romance before bed. ”

– Deborah Neiva is content assistant for the Branded Content team and heir to the throne of bad jokes! She takes great care of the Tecmundo and MegaCurioso publications

Smart light bulb

“The combination of a smart lamp and a voice assistant certainly made me lazily happier when I slept or rested on the couch.”

– Joy Macedo is the Editorial Leader at NZN, responsible for the TecMundo, Voxel, Minha Série and Mega Curioso websites.


“Smartband has been very useful, not only for physical activities, but with integrations and measurements.”

– Helen Oliveira is a Performance Content Analyst in the NZN Affiliate Squad. When we want discounted links, she is the mine!


“My notebook helps me a lot in the home office, because I can move around easily and work from wherever I want.”

– Gabi Nogueira works at NZN People and Management, a team that is responsible for taking care of our employees?

Food at the door

“Delivery apps, even more in quarantine.”

– Camila Husch is a designer for the NZN Marketing team, responsible for NZN’s brand governance and verticals.


“I love alexa because since I bought her I never forgot to buy anything at the market hahaha She is my daily company, right, she sings for me so as not to leave the house silent.”

– Yasminni Barbosa Coutinho is a Social Media Analyst and takes care of the publishing strategy on TecMundo, MegaCurioso, Voxel and ClickJogos networks.

And you, which tech product cannot be left out of your routine? Tell us in the comments!

Curiosity: Did you know that, in 2020, NZN reached the 50/50 mark in the number of men and women on the staff?


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