“Tiny cretin” James Corden Endlessly Roasts Among Beef at Balthazar Restaurant


After mistreating staff, Gavin and Stacey star James Corden found himself at the center of a widespread backlash after he was banned from visiting the iconic New York restaurant Balthazar.

Balthazar restaurant is one of the main elements of the culture of New York. Opened in 1997, the French brasserie has seen a variety of celebrities pass through its doors, including James Corden.

Corden became a Los Angeles resident in 2015, replacing Craig Ferguson as host of the Late, Late Show.

Now the star of “The Wrong Man” is facing a negative reaction to his actions at the Balthazar restaurant after the owner said that Corden’s attitude towards the staff was unacceptable.

Ryanair and other companies “banned” James Corden after the incident with Balthazar
On October 17, Balthazar restaurant owner Keith McNally accused Corden of “extremely disgusting” behavior during his visit. “James Corden is an extremely gifted comedian, but an insignificant cretin,— McNally said.

McNally explained that “I don’t often meet with a client. Today I am the 86th Corden. It didn’t make me laugh.”

The restaurateur claimed that Corden had demonstrated shades of such behavior in his previous establishment. In one example, Corden “screamed like crazy” as a result of an honest mistake related to his order. The encounter reportedly left McNally’s staff “shaken” at the end of their shift.

Recently, Corden’s reputation has caused controversy, and social media has reacted without hesitation to his dining etiquette.

The Irish airline Ryanair has quickly joined the emerging trend of “bans” that make fun of the situation. “James Corden is BANNED from flying with Ryanair,” the airline said.

Comedian Phillip Henry took the opportunity to poke Corden for his much-maligned performance in “Cats” and “Prom Night.” “I don’t need James Corden to be banned from playing with Balthazar, I need him to be banned from participating in musicals,” Henry joked.

Since McNally’s story went viral, it has become known that Corden’s ban has been lifted. McNally explained: “James Corden just called me and apologized. Having screwed up more than most people, I firmly believe in a second chance.”

“Anyone who is generous enough to apologize to a slacker like me (and my employees) does not deserve to be banned anywhere. Especially Balthazar. So go back to 5 & Dime, Jimmy Corden,” McNally added.


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