Tinder Wins Match For Common Likes And ‘Advanced’ Chat


Tinder: This Monday (4), Tinder, the most popular dating app in the world, brought to Brazil a new tool called “Explore”, which brings together interactive ways to meet people and get the desired match, based on common interests, and not just in geographic location. In addition, the “Quick Chat” function, which allows you to chat before matching, is also available in the country.

For less than a month as CEO of the geosocial network, Renate Nyborg says that Explorar is more than a multidimensional experience, but a feature that “expands the possibilities of Tinder as a platform”. For the new executive, the launched role meets the expectations of a post-covid generation that asks for more ways to have fun and interact, but, at the same time, “more control over who they meet in the app”.

How it works

Explorar brings new possibilities for those who are looking for matches based on personal preferences and hobbies. To connect these people, the platform created options for interests, such as Food Lovers, Gamers, Music Lovers, Activism or even Series Marathoners.

Also within the update, Quick Chat is a rare opportunity to chat with another person before hitting the match. With the new feature, users can exchange messages while a timer counts down. It is up to the participants to decide: give a match or let time run out and meet someone new.

Another popular Tinder feature, real-time selfies will now be authenticated by human-assisted facial recognition technology. These verified profiles will now be displayed with a blue seal in a dedicated Explore space.

Explorar is also bringing Vibes, a weekly event where members can express their opinions on a variety of topics, from first date options to cultural events. The function is inspired by Swipe Night, an occasional event on Tinder where users watch a video, then give their opinion on some moral dilemma in the form of a “quiz”.


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