Tinder Will Let Your Friends Choose Your Dates With Swipe Party


Tinder recently allowed users to add videos to their dating profiles, and parent company Match recently promised to introduce other audio and chat features to its dating apps as well. And it is that Tinder is going to what is going: to flirt. And I’m sure if you use it, or if a colleague / friend uses it, you have let them choose your ‘matches’ for you -or directly they have stolen your mobile and did it behind your back because of the laughter.

Well, what has been doing for years, Tinder has decided to replicate it in a new function that will come to its app: Swipe Party.

Tinder Swipe Party

Tinder has confirmed that it is working on a new feature called Swipe Party that offers a way to make selecting potential partners a more social experience. According to details uncovered in the code on the Tinder mobile app, Swipe Party requires access to the phone’s camera and microphone so your friends can “see and hear you as you screen potential candidates.”

This “Tinder with friends” style experience builds on what is already a popular offline activity. Today, friends often go through the app together, deciding jointly which profiles the Tinder account holder should try to match. In the case of Swipe Party, however, it seems that Tinder wants to turn it into a virtual experience in which the user can invite a “guest” to join their swipe session to give their opinion remotely.

Invite to flirt

It was the Dutch website GratisDatingTips that first discovered the Swipe Party function in the Android version app code. Subsequently, the TechCrunch site confirmed that there are also references to Swipe Party in the Tinder application for iOS, according to an analysis by technology analyst Steve Moser.

According to the code snippets, at Swipe Party Tinder users can invite their friends to join a swipe session. These friends would create guest accounts on Tinder by offering their phone number, validating it with a code, and then entering their name and date of birth before joining the “party.” What we do not know is when it will arrive, but we do know that it is in development.