Tinder will let you know if a match has a criminal record.


Social media has forever changed human relationships, and there are literally millions of people who prefer to use apps like Tinder, Grinder, etc. to find the love of their life – or at least a one-night stand. But are they safe? One element they bring with them is that underlying risk that the contact you have ‘matched’ with on Tinder is not as described in their profile.

And while many Tinder couples have emerged, there have also been cases of abuse, violence, etc. Match Group, the owner of Tinder and other similar applications, has decided to add an extra layer of security for all its users: a verification tool aimed especially at women.

For those unfamiliar, Garbo is a first-of-its-kind, female-founded, non-profit background checking platform that provides historical information on violence and abuse so that people can make more informed decisions and choices about their lives. security. Created in 2018 by Kathryn Kosmides, a survivor of GBV, the platform aims to help proactively prevent GBV by providing people with more transparency and information about who is connecting.

Garbo offers “low-cost background checks by collecting public records and reports of violence or abuse,” including arrests, convictions, restraining orders, harassment, and other violent crimes. This valuable information, often offered by for-profit companies, has historically been difficult to access and cost prohibitive. As a non-profit organization, “Garbo democratizes access to information, enabling people to make more informed security decisions.”

Check the background of a match on Tinder

Match Group will make Garbo’s platform available to its users in the United States, integrating it with Tinder later this year. The investment will also be used to accelerate the scale and adoption of Garbo across all technology platforms, seeking to “complement a flawed justice system that has negatively impacted women and underserved communities.”

Match Group will begin testing Garbo’s service on Tinder in the coming months. Once Garbo is adopted on Tinder later this year, “it will be followed by other US Match Group brands. More details on the implementation will be given in the coming months ”. The question is whether this service will reach other countries, using platforms similar to Garbo.

It won’t come for free

“Before Garbo, abusers could hide behind expensive and hard-to-find public records and reports of their violence – now that is much more difficult,” said Kathryn Kosmides, Garbo founder and CEO. “Being able to reach historically underserved populations is central to Garbo’s mission and partnering with Match will help us connect with these communities.”

Such a function is undoubtedly more than welcome, it is necessary, but the funny thing is that it will not be free. The background checks will be priced, although the fee schedule has yet to be determined: ”We are still working on the pricing structure, but ultimately we want to make sure the background checks are priced that is accessible to users. “a Match Group spokesperson told the Mashable site.