Tinder will have tool to analyze users’ background


Recently, Match Group – owner of Tinder – announced the arrival of a feature for its platforms that should allow users the possibility to check the history of their suitors, including their criminal records. The measure is the result of a partnership with Garbo, a non-profit organization that promotes the verification of this data with just a name and phone number.

According to the company, the appeal aims to protect users from possible threats using criminal records as criteria, such as reports of violence, harassment or abuse, arrests, convictions and restraining orders, among others. In this context, Garbo explains that it does not consider drug possession charges, assuming an “active stance towards equity”.

The reason behind the decision is the disparity in arrests between whites and blacks for the same drug possession charges. Ahead, Garbo also details that these records do not indicate future threats of “gender-based violence”, its main focus of combat.

The new Match Group and Garbo feature will initially be available only in the United States, and will be implemented by the end of this year on Tinder – with the possibility of being adopted by other social networks of the company.

However, this tool will not be free and its price has not yet been established by the two entities, which discuss the possible appropriate value. Similarly, it has not been confirmed whether the novelty will be available to all users or only subscribing members.