Tinder: What does the #MMM in the description mean?


This acronym is on everyone’s lips and especially on all bios! Tinder users seem to like the “#MMM” hasstag.

Tinder has its share of profiles, each one different from the next. In addition to the original bios punctuated with emojis, there are also complex names. What does this hashtag that we see everywhere mean: #MMM.

“#MMM”, here is a hashtag that is really talking about him. You may have seen it on dating apps, this adage is on the rise.

Whether it’s Tinder, Bumble or Fruitz, we see her on all profiles. So what does this expression that we find everywhere on platforms mean?

When we want to seduce on apps, we often seek to be original. Taking care of your bio remains a sine qua non to get the most likes and matches.

However, others like to bear witness to their values ​​and principles as well, like “MMM” followers. A rather obscure acronym for many of us, but it means a lot.

So what does the hashtag #MMM, popular with Tinder users and others, mean? So is that the acronym to put on your profile to get likes from all over the place? We can decipher it for you.

Tinder: what does the #MMM seen in the description of certain profiles mean?


As we know, creating a profile that grabs attention is not easy on social media and dating apps. That said, some are betting on this new name.

#MMM therefore seems popular on the Web, and some Internet users are wondering, and rightly so. This comes straight to us from an Instagram profile called “Orgasm and Me.”

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On this account, we discover content and benevolent on sexuality. It would therefore be from there that the famous hashtag was born, which intrigues as much as it seduces.

Have you ever come across a Tinder profile with this abbreviation? So here is what it means: “Mixed Marvelous Minds”.

Concretely, what does that mean? Beautiful people, with beautiful values ​​and wonderful souls, as its creator indicates.

#MMM therefore invites Tinder users to realize that they have a benevolent profile towards them. They are people with an inclusive and uninhibited sexuality.

With this hashtag, we prove that we are into sharing, communication and that we know how to deconstruct toxic patterns. At least it’s clear and precise!

Indicating this therefore proves that you are an open-minded, alert person, “woke” as we say in English, and absolutely not in judgment. You are therefore reassured about the person you have in front of you.

It is also a badge of a community, that of the famous “Orgasme et Moi” account. Most of these people are indeed subscribed to the Instagram page and follow its content.


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