Tinder: Vibes is The New Feature to Help With App Conversations


Tinder announced a new feature called Vibes, which serves to facilitate chats within the app. Using geolocation, the tool releases a series of questions in an area and allows users to express their opinions about specific interests.

Answers to Vibes’ questions are available on the user’s profile for 72 hours and can be seen by others who have also agreed to participate in the game. When a match happens, the function uses the responses to help the couple start a conversation.

According to Tinder, the questions that will appear at Vibes events are varied and range from behaviors to opinions about pop culture. The contents are also perennial: each questionnaire will be available for a maximum of 48 hours, inform those responsible for the app.

Whenever a Vibes event is available, the user will receive a notification from the app to participate. The novelty can make the platform more busy: according to Tinder, tests performed with the function helped to increase the number of likes and matches in the app.

The Vibes function was born after the success of other interactive tools in the application. In 2019, Tinder received the Match Time, which indicates when the platform is being used by multiple users simultaneously in a region.

Last year, the company launched Swipe Night, an interactive series distributed within the application. In addition to bringing an original story, the production put the user into narrative and could render matches during the experience.


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