Tinder users put #vaccine on bio to attract matches


One of the most used weapons against the anguish of people in social isolation, dating apps have promoted the growth of digital relationships on the web. Tinder, one of the most used apps for digital flirting, introduced a novelty to work as a “bait” in the search for a perfect match: the vaccine against covid-19.

Recently, the application introduced a space in its users’ bio for the registration of information #vaccinated, to attract the attention of more suitors seeking a healthy relationship. The goal is to provide more security for a future match. After all, explains psychoanalyst Márcia Tolotti to Uol, “the bio serves to show what you have most valuable”.

From now on, the precious information joins the attributes displayed in the users’ profile, such as photos, distance, sexual orientation and description. Anyone who uses the application knows that a well-produced bio can represent a great differentiator when choosing. In addition to being a powerful investment for a future without a pandemic.

Other dating apps adhere to #vaccinated

The portal Uol released on Monday (22) a survey to confirm whether users are joining the #vacinado. Several users were found with the information in the varied application bio. In addition to Tinder, other apps are using information like Inner Circle, Bumble and Happn. The search showed users in different countries: Israel and the United States are also using immunization to attract matches.

Speaking to the portal, São Paulo psychologist Thiago Bhering states that he adhered to the new detail in the description shortly after being vaccinated. “In a while, being vaccinated will be a great differentiator. In the club, people will be asking for ID and vaccination card “, he prophesied.

Even with the security that the new information can provide, infectologist Rosana Ritchmann warns that, “while the virus is circulating at this level now, it is better to avoid unnecessary contacts”. This is because the vaccine does not eliminate the chances of contaminating the partner in a meeting.


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