Tinder: Top 15 of the best questions to crack your crush!


Not so easy to seduce your crush once you have a match. To get the conversation started on Tinder, here are 15 foolproof questions.

Spring is coming, so it’s mating season! However, some still find it difficult to go beyond the simple match on Tinder. Not so easy to start a conversation and end up with something concrete, is it? How to crack your match in no time?

“It’s a crush”! How many times have you seen this message appear on your Tinder app? So what did you do with that special info?

It often happens that the more timid of us do nothing more after we have had our game. This, much to the chagrin of their potential crushes who are waiting for them to take the next step.

It must also be said that starting a conversation is never easy. You never know where to start to converse with someone you’ve never seen.

In apps, it’s best to go beyond a simple “hi, how are you?” Which remains flat and uninteresting. Some will skip their turn, or go no further than “Yeah, how about you?” “.

Recently, Tinder unveiled 15 questions that could help users crack their crush. Questions that according to psychologist Arthur Anton will help break the ice.

Tinder: Top 15 of the best questions to crack your crush!


To get your feet wet and find out who your Tinder crush is, why not tell them, “What’s the worst excuse you’ve given to get out of a date?” “.

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“If we weren’t on curfew, what would you be doing? Here is a pragmatic question which also allows us to project ourselves a little.

“In a movie, who would play my part? With this question you will see how your match perceives you. In the same vein, you can say: “Who is your unacknowledged celebrity crush? ”

Two-choice questions also work very well. Like: “More like TikTok or Netflix?” Or “Early riser or night owl?” “.

If you like to titillate your crush, you can also ask them “what disgusts you the most”. For more complicity: “tell me a secret about yourself that no one else knows”.

For those in a hurry: “describe yourself in a tweet”. Lovers of good food: “your last meal? “For music lovers and moviegoers:” the soundtrack of your life “.

“Which meme you think best represents 2020,” will allow you to see how the person is coping with the news and speak volumes about their sensitivity or humor.

Asking your match on Tinder a dilemma will also help you understand his outlook on life. We can therefore ask you the following question: “live to work or work to live?” “.

“Something you don’t understand the infatuation with? Will help you to know if the person conforms to the dictates of the company.

“The craziest thing to do before you die”; this is a fun and original question. Finally, to capture someone’s mood: “What are your last three emojis used? “


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