Tinder Swindler: Netflix terá documentário sobre golpista do Tinder


Tinder Swindler: Netflix acquired the rights to distribute the documentary Tinder Swindler. The production follows the case of the con artist who lured Scandinavian women using the popular dating app to steal millions of dollars from victims.

Produced by Raw TV and AGC Studios, the material is directed by Felicity Morris (Don’t F*** With Cats). For now, the streaming service has not revealed the premiere window for the new documentary.

Tinder Swindler presents the stories of women who were deceived by Israeli Shimon Hayut. Pretending to be a Russian oligarch named Simon Leviev, the con man used Tinder to find the victims.

Initially, Hayut took his partners to travel on private jets and stay in luxury hotels. After months of relationship, the criminal asked the victim to open a credit line in his name to pay off “the extensive needs”.

After a lengthy investigation by the Norwegian publication, the coup plotter was arrested in Greece and extradited to Israel in December 2019. Sentenced to 15 months in prison, the Israeli served only a third of his detention.

Surprisingly, Hayut continued to apply other forms of blows even after being arrested. In December 2020, he pretended to be a paramedic to get himself vaccinated early against Covid-19 in Israel.

Online Dating Scams Grow

In recent years, cases like Tinder Swindler have become increasingly common. Many freeloaders are using dating apps to find potential victims for criminal actions.

According to the US Federal Trade Commision (FTC), losses in “romantic scams” ​​hit a record US$304 million in 2020. This number could be even higher, as the agency only counts cases registered with the police.


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