Tinder Starts Warning Against Corona Virus


Tinder, the dating platform, has begun to issue a warning that reminds people of ways to protect against corona virus. The reminder published in Tinder shows the warnings made by the experts as ways to protect against the corona virus.

The corona virus, which originated in Wuhan, China, has spread to 60 countries so far. 90,000 people have been affected by the virus, mostly on the mainland of China, and 3,000 people have died from the virus so far.

People are now beginning to take measures against the danger of corona virus in many countries. Experts also warn about what people have to do to prevent the corona virus from spreading.

An application that reminds against the spread of the Corona virus was Tinder. Tinder users are currently facing reminder cards about the corona virus while swiping the screen to make different matches.

The reminder of the corona virus published by Tinder has the title “Your well-being is our number one priority”. In the reminder that appears on the screen where potential matches are seen, the things to do to protect against the corona virus are listed. In the reminder published, there are warnings that people often wash their hands, take disinfectants with them, avoid touching their faces and do not get too close to people in public social areas.

Users reacted positively to Tinder’s reminder, which also includes a link to the World Health Organization’s website. According to many, Tinder is more sensitive to the issue of corona virus than some governments.


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