Tinder: singer puts the worst messages to music on TikTok!


Tinder and its “worst floppy disks” become famous! A singer had a brilliant idea: to turn the worst messages into songs!

Tinder is sure to meet love, or at least have a good time with someone … But a lot of flirtatious can be very heavy. A singer has therefore decided to pay homage to them!

“Tribute,” that might not be the word … Because to show how heavy some people can be on dating sites, Becky decided to post everyone on Tiktok. And it’s a hit!

Contacted by Huffpost in the United Kingdom, she describes her basic idea as follows: “to emphasize how ridiculous these messages are”. Ridiculous, but drunk too … After a while, some girls start to get bored.

But to break the myth – and perhaps also the delirium of people who still try this kind of approach on Tinder – what better than posting these messages? This is how Becky managed to break through on Tiktok.

We find out that people may find it sexy to send, “I know that’s a little weird and arrogant, but would you like to sleep with me? I’m not a pervert, just a real guy. I will treat you with respect and the sex will be good. ”

Not very seller, therefore … But the young woman finds a concept and creates an Insta, Tinder Nightmares. Let’s go for the big unboxing! We thus find the worst messages received by the young lady. But also contributions from other girls!

To quell the ardor of anyone who can send such “floppy disks”, Becky uses her talent: the piano voice. And these phrases sung softly to romantic music changes everything!


What could be better than a gentle singer to fall into the absurd? In any case, everyone seems to validate Becky’s position … Because her videos make millions of views on Tiktok!

She admits it herself, she never expected such a buzz around her “Tinder nightmares” … But obviously, quite a few people on the app have experienced such awkward moments. But above all very heavy!

So this is a very nice concept found by the singer: to put words as sexist as stupid in song. We knew them on Twitter, now we can expect to hear them on the radio!

And for those who are having fun “throwing their best floppy disks” on Tinder, continue. There are still a lot of songs to write, and Becky still has some ideas… We are also waiting to see the concept in French!

So there is still work to be done in the pickup … But people who find themselves posted on Tiktok (and in melody, please!) May realize how heavy they are. Whatever they seem capable of feeling applauded!


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