Tinder releases free passport for everyone during quarantine


In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has caused millions of people around the world to be isolated at home to prevent the spread of the disease, Tinder decided to release the Passport feature free of charge to all users of the platform. The tool is available free of charge until April 30th.

The Passport, normally offered to paid subscribers of Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold, allows you to connect with users from any corner of the planet, simply choose the desired location on the map to start the search for “matches”.

With the feature released to everyone, the expectation of the dating app is that users use the service to escape the loneliness during the quarantine of Covid-19, looking for people in their hometown, family and friends who live far away and are facing the same problems.

Match Group CEO Shar Dubey said in a note that a good conversation is essential to spend more peacefully during this period: “In difficult times, while we all know we need to stay home, it doesn’t mean we have to be alone with our thoughts. Having someone to talk to can make a world of difference, ”he said.

How to use the feature
The free Tinder Passport will be available starting next week. Just search for the tool inside the dating app.

Each user can be in virtually only one city at a time. To access another municipality just change your location, which can be done as often as you wish. Another detail is that people liked by the user while using the Passport can view their profile up to 24 hours after changing the location.


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