Tinder passport released until April 30


From this Wednesday (31), Tinder users will have free access to the Passport, a resource that offers “a multitude of places to go and new people to meet”, that “without leaving home”, indicates the company. With it, it is possible to establish virtual meetings anywhere in the world.

Last year, the platform carried out a similar action, making the tool, normally paid, available for more than one month to the entire public. More than 25% of the app’s members have tested it, and the hashtag #tinderpassport on TikTok has accumulated 72 million views.

Udi Milo, vice president of product for Tinder, explains what motivated the initiative this time: “We saw a huge trend in using the Passport the first time because people were looking for a connection. One year later, we expect a similar adoption by a different reason: possibility. ”

Records and anxiety

Los Angeles (USA), New York (USA), London (England), Paris (France) and Miami (USA) are the five most popular destinations for those who take advantage of the Passport features on Tinder; in Brazil, São Paulo (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Belo Horizonte (MG), Curitiba (PR) and Porto Alegre (RS) are successful.

Also according to the company, those who used the resource reached the mark of 1.4 billion matches and broke the record for the highest number in a single day, on April 24, with 55 million “matches”.

“We are all anxious to end this chapter of our lives, but we are still mostly at home. The Tinder Passport allows us to dream what life will be like when we can travel, meet new people and make plans again”, believes Udi Milo.

To access, just select, until April 30th, the settings of your application, touch its location, add a new one and place the pin wherever you want.


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