Tinder: Miss France victim of identity theft in practice!


On Tinder, a malicious person used the photos of a former Miss France to create his profile. In the story of her Instagram account, a former Miss France has made things clear. A fake profile on the Tinder app impersonates him.

No star escapes it! On social media, malicious people impersonate public figures to create a profile. So, a former Miss France has just paid the price.

Indeed, Alexandra Rosenfeld discovered that a Tinder user was using her photos on the dating app. However, the latter took care to change the name.

So only a few things appear on his profile. First, his name. This user is called “Mathilde”. Then his age, he would be 20 years old. And of course his studies, in the Higher School of Physics and Chemistry.

So, the former beauty queen did not hesitate to post this account in the story of her Instagram account. And she made it clear!

“Obviously my name is not Mathilde, I’m not twenty and I’m not on Tinder,” she wrote. It must be said that the young mother has no reason to be on this famous application.

And for good reason, the one who was crowned in 2006 shares the life of journalist Hugo Clément. And the least we can say is that they are very much in love with each other. Moreover, Hugo Clément sent him his love for Valentine’s Day, this Sunday, February 14.


Indeed, the former Quotidien reporter wrote: “She puts magic, casually, in everything she does. She has an easy smile, even for fools. ”

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Before adding, “She’s having a good time, she never falls into traps. She doesn’t get stunned by the neon lights on the rides. Some even say they saw it fly. ”

So, these are very nice words from the track “Il est libre Max”. So, the young man’s love for him is more than mutual for Alexandra Rosenfeld, who would never go on Tinder.

And as proof, the ex-Miss France very often shares photos and videos of the father of her baby on the Web. Moreover, its subscribers cannot do without it at all.

So, we have to believe that the person behind the Tinder account has not learned enough about the life of the person whose identity he was impersonating. Using the photo of Alexandra Rosenfeld, he didn’t have the slightest credibility.

This is why the young woman did not deign to give a rant. If she posted the profile on her Instagram page, it was only so that that person would be trapped and have their account deleted by the app. No more no less !


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