Tinder: grandma creates a profile for her granddaughter!


A grandmother decides to set up her grandsons Tinder profile to help her find love! We give you more details.

Grandma personalizes her grandson’s Tinder profile to increase her chances of finding someone!

It’s not easy to be single in these times of health crisis. Indeed, now that public places are closed, it becomes very difficult to meet new people.

Although the best place to meet a soul mate has long been the workplace, things have changed a lot. Indeed, new technologies are now interfering in most of our social interactions.

Especially since 2020, when the health crisis has confined us to our home. Everything is therefore done through social networks. We were happy to have a multitude of applications to bring us closer to the outside world.

In love, it’s a bit the same! Thanks to Tinder, thousands of singles got to know each other thanks to the most used dating app in France.

But in this jungle of singles, you have to know how to stand out. And often, that’s the whole challenge of dating sites.

If the judgment is made at first glance thanks to the photos of selected profiles, it must be admitted that a good description can also have an important role to play. Again, you have to find the right words and the right formula to appeal to other Tinder users.

Some have been able to count on their relatives for that! This is indeed the case for young Briton Scott Lefever. Here is his story.


Desperate to see that her grandson was having trouble finding love, one grandmother chose to take matters into her own hands! So, Trina Lazarus, an 82-year-old lady decided to create a Tinder profile for her grandson.

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The latter, Scott Lefever, has been single for 2 years now. “Hi, I’m Trina, Scott’s no,” the young man’s Tinder profile read.

“He is 28 years old and has no children. He is a lovable, very messy grandson who needs a girlfriend who can cook. Unless you like beans and toast, ”Trina adds on her grandson’s profile.

Her grandmother will give more details about her beloved grandson. She explains that he is a hardworking man and that he makes very good teas.

She also adds that he is not a great sportsman but that he would always be up for a little ride. “If you want to know more, swipe right,” added Trina Lazarus at last.

If Scott Lefever was initially a little embarrassed by this profile, he ended up sharing the link on his Facebook profile. Moreover, he specifies that thanks to his grandmother, he had 26 matches in 5 days on Tinder.

The 82-year-old lady who has decided to play cupid hopes that her grandson will find love. She hopes to attend her wedding while she is still alive.


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