Is Tinder Gold worth it? Learn about features and price of the paid version of the app

Tinder Gold is one of the premium versions of Tinder. The most expensive modality of the relationship application costs R $ 29.99 per month and releases exclusive tools for its users. The service has features like five daily superlikes, a monthly boost and the possibility to find out who liked your profile, among other features.

Tinder Gold subscribers can continue to access the platform through the Android and iPhone (iOS) smartphone app. Next, check out what is Tinder Gold and what are its differentials in relation to Tinder Plus and the free version.

What is Tinder Gold?
Tinder Gold is the most complete and expensive subscription plan in the relationship app. The package offers advantages and exclusive tools, which are not released to users of the free version or even Tinder Plus. The modality has all the tools of the cheapest version, with the addition of the features “Likes you” and “Top Picks”.

What are the values?
The most complete version of Tinder costs R $ 29.99 per month, but there are discounts if the user chooses to use the semiannual or annual payment option. If you prefer the semiannual plan, the amount is reduced to R $ 19.16 monthly. The annual Tinder Gold plan costs R $ 14.16 monthly.

The company was recently sued after being accused of charging different amounts for the Plus and Gold plans, which varied according to people’s age, sex and location. However, Tinder agreed to end the practice of charging separate prices for each user, according to The Verge.

What are the differentials?
The most expensive version of Tinder offers its users: unlimited likes, a tool that allows them to go back to the previous profile, if they accidentally disliked it, five super likes a day, a boost a month to highlight their profile and access to their passport. talk to users around the world.

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In addition, Gold has exclusive features that are not present in Plus, such as the “Likes you” tool, which allows you to view all the people who liked your profile, without having to like them around, and “Top Picks” , which daily selects some profiles, which are potential matches, according to their affinities.

Worth it?
The option to subscribe to the most expensive version of Tinder is worthwhile for users who want to take advantage of 100% of its features, thus increasing their chances of finding a partner more compatible with their profile. Regarding the monthly amount, the most advantageous option is to carry out the annual plan, reducing the price to be paid by more than half. The half-yearly plan, however, also offers a considerable reduction.

For those who just want to spend time in the app or have occasional meetings and conversations, the best option is to use the free version of Tinder. It offers access to a daily superlike and make unlimited likes. That way, it is still possible to get a date without having to pay monthly for a plan.



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