Tinder Face to Face video chat feature opens to the world


Tinder makes its video chat feature called Face to Face available all over the world after testing it in certain states of the USA. With Face to Face, the company makes it possible for people to talk to people they are matched with on Tinder during the pandemic without the need for another platform such as Zoom.

Many people who use Tinder can guess that Face to Face poses some risks. Tinder’s Trust and Security team underlines that measures that put the safety of members first will be implemented in Face to Face.

In order to use Face to Face, both sides of the match must activate the feature. After users touch the camera icon on the chat screen, the chat will start if the other party touches the same icon. Users will be able to turn off Face to Face whenever they want.

Both sides have to follow Tinder’s rules. Among these rules, video interviews should not be used for obscenity, that they do not contain illegal activities and that minors should not be included in interviews. Tinder also offers users the opportunity to express their opinions and send reports at the end of video chats.

Tinder brings Face to Face feature to users in Brazil, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Peru and Chile as well as the USA and the UK. Other countries where Tinder is in use are expected to be added to this list soon.


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