Tinder explodes its turnover thanks to singles in 2020!


Tinder is very successful in 2020. Indeed, many singles have tried to find love. The turnover therefore exploded.

With the health crisis, it is difficult to meet people. So, many singles headed to Tinder. And it seems that the latter’s turnover has exploded.

The confinement was hard to live with. And that Tinder got it right. Indeed, young people suffer a lot from loneliness. For the past few months, they have said goodbye to their social life. Not easy then.

Moreover, as Emmanuel Macron said, it is not easy to be 20 years old in 2020. Thus, some students even think of the most serious …

While the government is trying its best to help all these people in distress, the perfect solution has yet to be found. As a result, many French people have very poor mental health.

For the first time, seeing friends and meeting new people is impossible. But don’t panic Tinder has the solution.

During containment, the applications were very successful. The games were a hit. But that’s not counting on dating apps. And Tinder is the big winner.

Thanks to the many young and old singles elsewhere, Tinder is experiencing growing success in 2020.


Locked up for months, Internet users tried to occupy themselves. Dating apps were the solution. Last year they were downloaded 560 million times. Tinder has therefore not escaped the rule.

But that’s not all. Users did not hesitate to pay for additional features. In short, these purchases then represent $ 3 billion. Moreover, this turnover corresponds to an increase of 15%.

The specialist then explains: “Consumer spending indicates that users are taking advantage of added features, such as expanding the scope of meetings outside of their region, the ability to see who liked their profile or to reverse swipes. to the left, among others. ”

He adds, “In-app subscriptions are the preferred method of monetization for dating apps, but many also offer unique in-app purchases. ”

But in this area, Tinder is the big leader. Specialist App Annie then specifies: “Although Tinder has made it into the top 10 in both China and South Korea for consumer spending, local favorites remain at the top of the table. ”

In France, Tinder is therefore closely followed by Adopte un mec then Happn, Badoo, Lovoo and finally Meetic.

Besides, with Valentine’s Day, this urge could intensify. And for good reason, the specialist explains: “this trend should continue, the most popular dating applications encourage users to get started. ”

What if you don’t have a Valentine for February 14 yet? Tinder can therefore help you.


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