Tinder eliminates geographical limitations with new Global Mode


Tinder announced on Thursday (21) the launch of a tool that will allow users to connect with people from anywhere in the world, breaking the geographical limits normally imposed by the app. The novelty comes with the objective of stimulating international relationships in times of social isolation caused by the new coronavirus.

Entitled Global Mode, the new option of the relationships app makes it possible to free access to the profile all over the planet, regardless of where you live, while also offering the opportunity to view accounts from anywhere.

There seem to be similarities in relation to the Passport function, released to the entire user base of the platform in April. However, it differs in that it is free and more comprehensive, while the paid option is more suitable for people who travel frequently and want to make appointments in the places visited.

The Global Mode of Tinder should have some limitations, such as not allowing the user to choose which cities the profile will appear in, according to Engadget. The measure would be a way to distinguish the two alternatives and keep the paid resource active, according to the publication.

When it will be available?
The new Tinder option is due to start shipping in late May, first reaching a limited profile base in various markets. Thereafter, Global Mode will be available to all users of the dating app.

The service will add other novelties to facilitate long-distance relationships, such as video calls, offering a way for people to get to know each other better before the first face-to-face meeting. This function is expected to begin testing by the end of June.


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