Tinder confirms virtual Carnival in GTA 5 with server shows


Tinder announced last Thursday (4) that it will hold an unprecedented Carnival totally virtual for the public. CarnaTinder will take place from February 13th to 16th, exclusively on GTA Online servers (from GTA 5) and will feature concerts by great Brazilian artists, special missions in the game and live broadcasts.

For four days, all players will be able to connect to the Cidade Alta server from GTA Online to enjoy numerous attractions, including live musical performances by Luísa Sonza, Giulia Be and Léo Santana. The virtual Carnival will also allow participants to interact with the main features of the dating app, with the option to match other people who are enjoying the parties.

“Tinder has been a companion for all members during quarantine and social isolation: our members are matching more often, sending more messages and participating in longer conversations,” said Rodrigo Fontes, director of Tinder for Brazil. “With CarnaTinder, we hope to create a space where people can enjoy and participate – even if virtually – in what makes Carnival this party so loved by everyone. And, luckily for us, what is at the heart of Carnival is also in the heart of Tinder: the two embrace the fun and spontaneity of creating new connections “.

And for those who want to enjoy thematic gambling, CarnaTinder will have promotions missions with giveaways and carnival kits, activations with DJs, message cars and much more to win the match, and exclusive locations where the shows will take place.

For more information about the event and live streams, simply access Tinder’s social networks.


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