Tinder Brings Your Musical Taste To Your Profile!


Tinder, one of the leading matchmaking applications, will help you find your musical soul mate with its new feature.

The ways in which Generation Z acquire relationships are a little different than before. In recent years, social media has started to play a role in our lives from being the sites that people visit ‘occasional’. With the introduction of social media into our lives to such a degree, applications such as Tinder for finding relationships also emerged. Tinder, the most popular of the matchmaking apps, will match those whose music tastes match with its new feature.

Tinder will search based on your music taste

If you are one of those who put the Spotify profile link in their Instagram bio, things are a little more practical for you now. If you are using Tinder and want to know the musical spirit of the person you are going to match closely, this is possible with the new feature. Thanks to the Music Mode feature, developed in partnership with Spotify and Tinder, you will be able to see the music summary of other users with reference to Spotify. This summary will feature your match’s favorite tracks and artists.

Tinder has already been offering a similar feature since 2016. You could view a page with romance-themed songs in the ‘Explore‘ tab. However, when looking for a match, this feature doesn’t help you identify the music taste of your date.

To use this feature, which will allow you to see the music taste of the person you want, you must connect your Spotify profile to Tinder. After providing this synchronization, it is possible to filter the music taste if the privacy setting of the person you are paired with allows.

If you want to keep what you listen to, you don’t have to display your music on your Thinner profile. It is up to you whether to use the feature or not. This feature will come in handy if music is an important part of your life and you want your next partner to have a similar musical ear as you. Already, Tinder also mentioned this feature while announcing it as ‘the biggest feature to come to Tinder’. We will see how the Music Mode feature, which was announced with such an ambitious debut, is used in the future.