Tinder Brings Back Work Mode With Some New Features


Tinder: The pandemic caused by the coronavirus changed the main habits of our lives and made teleworking spread and in what way. So much so that in the last year, millions of people have changed their office for a corner in the living room or bedroom at home. Luckily, little by little we are recovering normality and we have seen how many of the people who were teleworking have already returned to their offices.

Coinciding with this situation, the famous Tinder flirting app has announced that it is bringing back the famous work mode, which also comes with some news. This mode was created approximately four years ago after Tinder launched the web version to use from the computer and with the aim that our boss could not catch us using it even if he approached our workplace.

A revamped work mode is back on Tinder

To do this, it added a new button that made the web version of Tinder become a Google Drive document with meeting notes. During this time of pandemic, it seems that the famous dating application has been working on resuming this mode and now relaunches the work mode with some new features.

Among them, it should be noted that it is now possible to search for “matches” and respond to messages, of course, without forgetting the main objective, which is to be able to hide the Tinder interface at any time and in the fastest possible way. Therefore, it is now possible for users to connect to their profiles from their work computer and reply to messages or search for other people of interest, being able to hide all this at any time if a colleague or our boss approaches.