Tinder: Android devices become a tool of seduction!


Android users appeal better than iPhone owners? This is what this very serious study on Tinder seems to say.

This is the rumor of the moment. IPhone users are said to be less good lovers than those who use Android. And this is also the case for Tinder.

According to a study by “comparemymobile”, people who own iPhones do not behave the same as Android users. Indeed, the site conducted a survey of around 2,000 people.

They asked their readers to answer questions. The website therefore offered its users a survey of couples’ habits. Especially regarding bad habits on the phone.

Does the person use their phone in front of a movie, for example. If she looks at him during a conversation or during the meal.

Indeed today it is difficult to live without your phone. Whether for work or to surf the net. Go on social networks, on Tinder and chat with friends. Everyone has taken up this habit.

And that’s the problem. It has become a habit or rather an addiction. So that’s why they have a hard time quitting. For some, the phone comes before their partner. Even on a Tinder date.

According to their data, the most hated bad habit is using your phone in front of the TV. Whether it’s watching a show, a series or a movie, it seems to annoy a lot of people.

Tinder: Android devices become a tool of seduction!


Those who chose the apple brand would be 75% more likely to watch their phone in front of a screen. Against 59% for Android users.

In a chat, Apple phone owners have a 67% chance of being distracted. Against 51% for Android owners.

So the conclusion of this poll is very clear. Android are leading the way. And Apple users are lagging behind. Receive notifications, reply to messages, take pictures, everything is done to ensure that we stay on our phone for a very long time. Even though Android are far ahead of iPhones.

But these results contradict another study from the same website. Indeed, this study shows that if an Apple product is visible on a Tinder profile picture then the person has a 76% chance of having matches.

And for good reason, Apple products and especially iPhones are number 1 on the market. Android have lost twice as much value as their competitor in 2020.

So if you want to seduce on Tinder, the best is to lean towards an iPhone. But if you want to avoid the crisis in your relationship, it is better to focus on Android. But the best thing to do is still to put your phone down.


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