Tinder: a woman finds her first love on the app!


A young woman matches with her first love on the Tinder dating app! We’ll give you more details. A woman finds her first love on the Tinder app!

It is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. Indeed, Tinder is very popular with singles of all ages.

And in the digital age, Cupid had to adapt! Now, it’s a swipe to the right that capsizes the hearts of some.

But in this jungle of singles, it’s not always easy to find what you are looking for. Indeed, sometimes it is difficult to know the real intentions of the interlocutor.

Not easy to judge from behind a phone screen! But Tinder is also the source of great love stories.

Indeed, several couples have formed thanks to the dating application. In fact, some even got married!

You should know that in 2019, 30% of weddings were from dating apps! Enough to give hope to those who are desperate to find their soul mate.

What’s nice about Tinder too is that sometimes you come across some pretty unlikely stories. This is the case of a young woman who recently matched a man on the app.

The latter was by the way no stranger! Indeed, the two people knew each other when they were younger.

Better yet, the man was the first the young woman had kissed! So she matched with her very first love. We tell you more.

Tinder: a woman finds her first love on the app!


When we were younger, we all played truth / dare or the bottle game! And we all remember our first kiss.

A young Tinder user was therefore surprised to match the first boy she kissed! More than 10 years later, their paths cross again thanks to the dating application.

Now 26, the young woman remembers her first kiss with a boy when she was 13. When she matches with him on Tinder, the young woman does not hesitate to refresh his memory.

“Didn’t we kiss in some of the truth / dare game with my neighbors when we were in 5th? »Wrote the young woman to him. Besides, the young man remembers that too!

“Have you felt alive since? »He replies. The young woman said that at the time, the boy was the first she kissed.

As for him, she can’t say it was his first kiss. Indeed it seemed that he was the very popular kind of boy!

It was therefore on the Redit forum that the young woman shared her experience on Tinder. Internet users loved its story.

Its publication thus collected more than 1,000 comments. Many are also hoping that they will see each other and form a couple!


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