Tina Kunakey superb: this photo is unanimous on Instagram!


No need to present the beautiful Tina Kunakey! Wife Vincent Cassel, only 22 years old, the young woman climbs the rungs of modeling for several years! Moreover, she is currently the muse of the Johanna Ortiz collection for H & M! So, everything seems to go for the best in the life of the beautiful Tina! This weekend, she was taking the pose during an evening, in a sublime white dress!

So it’s in a car that the beautiful Tina Kunakey wanted to show her look! Gaze of embers, luscious mouth, and convex torso, the model knows how to highlight! A post that has reacted his fans, who seem to think it is the most beautiful woman in the world!

If the supermodel is a sensation at each new Insta post, Tina Kunakey has outdone herself through this last … Indeed, her fans have not hesitated to let the star know she was beautiful! Thus, his post has generated more than 57,000 likes including that of the famous Nabilla! And yes ! The former reality TV candidate could not miss out on the sophisticated look of the fashionista! Obviously, Tina Kunakey’s white dress gives her an angelic look that she sublimated with camel waders!

A sublime look that has sparked many reactions! A surfer said that this was “the most beautiful woman in the world”. Just after this picture, Tina made another post, this time with her friend Elisa Paulette Vincente. An evening with girlfriend that allowed the two young women to come out the big game!

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