Tina Kunakey: her big sister Kassy is pregnant!


Everything seems to smile to the beautiful Tina Kunakey! Indeed, for years, the top is acclaimed in the media and on the Web. It must be said that with her pretty face and her hair of dreams, the young woman leaves no one indifferent. It’s not her husband, actor Vincent Cassel who will say the opposite! The couple often makes their subscribers happy by revealing their daily life on the Web. And to see their pictures, love is always good!

This weekend, Tina Kunakey (alongside their loved ones) celebrated the birthday of her half! In the videos unveiled on the Web, the lovebirds seem to have had a good time. “Filled I am, Tina, my daughters, my family and you, my buddies, my friends, my clique, you know who you are, I am proud to be yours (…) Thank you also for all these messages that I I have received (…) I know how much I also exist through you, “wrote Vincent Cassel on Instagram.

Last April, Tina Kunakey gave birth to a baby girl named Amazon. The couple has never revealed his face in the media or even on the Web. Vincent Cassel had also done the same with his two other daughters: Deva and Leonie (born from his past relationship with Monica Belluci). In a few months, the beautiful Tina will still puff!

Indeed, Kassy’s older sister Tina Kunakey is pregnant! It is also the little brother Zakari who announced the news via his story Insta. On the canvas, pretty Kassy has already published many shots of her baby bump! Her pretty pictures are also often accompanied by little words she addresses to her child to come. “My fish,” she wrote again: “Soon you, soon three.”



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