TimTheTatman Explains How The Gameplay of MW2 Has Changed For TikTok, Twitch and YouTube


Longtime Call of Duty streamer TimTheTatman expressed his opinion on how the series has changed over the years, saying that changes in direction may be the fault of content creators.

The launch of Modern Warfare 2 was met with mixed reviews from both content creators and fans. Some players were quick to criticize the game due to what they consider a poor user interface, as well as due to some problems with the departure of Modern Warfare 2.

While TimTheTatman seems to have a generally positive impression of Modern Warfare 2, he explained why this year’s release seems so special.

Where players used to be able to run around and regularly commit tons of kills, the new CoD games require you to camp a bit, and according to Tim, they’re “not what they used to be.”

TimTheTatman believes that Call of Duty is not what it used to be

It took some time for people to adjust to how Modern Warfare 2 is played. The slip cancellation is removed in combination with the low kill time for most weapons, which means camping is a very viable strategy.

TimTheTatman has spoken about his original sentence and believes that CoD is now completely different compared to when he was a child.

He explains why he set up camp a bit. He’s usually a “run and shoot” type of player, but this time the streamer has adapted his style of play.

“Unfortunately, the way of playing Call of Duty has changed. What I’m doing right now is similar to how you should play it.” Tim explained, sitting at the table, looking at the doorway.

Tim demonstrates the style of play necessary for success in MW2

“The way you play Call of Duty has changed dramatically over the years, man,” he added. “And honestly? Maybe it’s the fault of the content creators.”

Content creation was much more difficult when the original Modern Warfare 2 was released in 2009. Modern consoles have the ability to broadcast and record gameplay, and OBS is a simple and free recording solution for PC players.

Then Tim talked about how a large number of YouTubers and Twitch streamers can affect the game.

“People go to music videos trying to make a name for themselves. On the contrary, when we were all younger, bro, we just played to have fun.”


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